Template details:

What are the interactions included this template?
  1. Opening slide
  2. Introduction
  3. Learning objectives
  4. Topic cover
  5. Three Flipcards
  6. Four Flipcards
  7. Text and pop up information
  8. Pop up on background
  9. Video
  10. Text and image
  11. Text on bright background
  12. Text on dark background
  13. Carousel
  14. Carousel on background image
  15. Labelled graphic 01
  16. Labelled graphic on background image
  17. Tabs
  18. Slider
  19. Dropdown
  20. Timeline
  21. Survey
  22. Quiz cover
  23. MCQ One correct answer
  24. MCQ Multiple correct answer
  25. True or false
  26. Fill in the blank
  27. Drag and drop
  28. Matching
  29. Quiz results
  30. Conclusion
What is the navigation setting?

This template has a bespoke navigation bar that contains:

  • Page number as progress indicator
  • Audio controls
  • Transcript
  • Closed caption
  • Dropdown menu
  • Glossary
  • Save and exit
What accessibility features included in this template?

Our template has been specifically designed with accessibility in mind:

  • Thoughtful consideration of color contrast to enhance readability.
  • Clear and straightforward navigation to facilitate ease of use.
  • Proper application of header tags for screen reader use.
  • Compatibility with keyboard navigation for seamless interaction.
  • Strategically placed information for optimal comprehension.
  • Integration of audio controls accompanied by closed captions and transcripts for enhanced inclusivity.