Lumina Flow InDesign PDF

USD 98.00 
About this Template:

Lumina Flow is a fun and playful InDesign template using built from scratch interactions. It is perfect for job aids, learning content, training manuals or instructional guides. You will get:

  • 21 customizable pages (.INDD)
  • 10 types of built from scratch interaction
  • 16 visual design assets (.SVG & .PNG)
  • Google font files (.TTF)
  • Javascript code to attach file in email (.RTF)
Template Specs:

Tools to use: InDesign, Adobe Acrobat

Dimension: A4 (29.7 x 21 cm)

File size: 45 MB

Template details:

What are the interactions included this template?

This InDesign PDF template consists of 21 interactive pages that cover interactions such as:

  • Checklist boxes
  • Interactive dropdown
  • Interactive tabs
  • Interactive numbering
  • Labelled graphics
  • Text field
  • Combo box
  • List box
  • Radio button
  • Javascrip code to attaching PDF in email.
What is the navigation setting?

This InDesign PDF template has navigation functions, including:

  • Page numbers
  • A dropdown menu
  • Next and previous buttons.
What accessibility features included in this template?

This dynamic interactive PDF is not fully compliant with accessibility standards.